Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lesson Six: Indexation

How do I get my site indexed?

Don’t bother submitting your site through the traditional methods. The fastest way to get a site to appear in Google’s index is to create backlinks to it. Use social bookmarking sites to create lots of easy win links from sites that are spidered regularly and submit any RSS feeds you’ve got to directories.

If you’re really keen to get indexed as fast as humanly possible –

  • Stick Adsense on your pages (even if you remove it later) as this forces Google to spider you.
  • Setup an Adwords campaign to your domain (Google has to spider you to determine your quality score).
  • Search for your domain name.
  • Perform site: and link: searches on your domain.
  • Visit your site using accounts with some of the most widespread ISPs (eg AOL) since their logs are used to find new content.
  • Email links to your site to and from a Gmail account.

How do I get my backlinks indexed?

The slow way is to wait for the search engines to naturally find them. The faster way is to ping the page after you leave a backlink. For truly fast backlinking social bookmark them or create RSS feeds with links in.

How can I tell if my site has been visited by a spider/bot?

By checking your traffic logs and statistics. Most traffic analyzing software will recognize and label the bots and spiders that crawl your site. You can also recognize these visitors manually, as the “user agent” is usually labeled something obvious, such as “Google Bot.”


  1. haha oops i already tried sumbitting it the traditional way, guess that was a waste of time. thanks for the other methods im going to be trying them.

  2. Yeah, good tips, we should probably invest in a proper TLD domain too.

  3. This is really good :D I will be checking this out Daily!

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  7. You have some excellent webmaster/blogger tutorials here.

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  9. That's actually a pretty helpful post - always looking for ways to take advantage of little tips like these.

    Keep at it, man!


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