Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why most people fail with autoblogging?

Some of my online properties are my autoblogs. I first learnt about autoblogging in the internet, created my first autoblogs with the help of the countless great posts here about autoblogs.

When I first learnt about autoblogging I was so excited: "Im going to create a blog that take care of himself and its going to take care of my financial future", I can't imagine a better way to make money than this!! Money machines here I come...

My first autoblog was banned from google in less than a month it was created. After that I thought autoblogging is a myth and kept away from these nusty-easy banned machines for about a year.

But, something tickled my fingers, autoblogging sounded so romantic to me

I tried again, and failed ~10 times before I had my first successful autoblog (it made US$3 per day for several months before I had the nerve to call it a success).

Today, after 2 years Im earning a nice income from autoblogging (no, it is not my main IM source of income, but it is the one I love the most) I know why most people fail with autobloggin:

If you tried autoblogging and failed 99.999% it is because:
You didn't give it the respect it deserves!!!

Most people (in the past - me at the top) disrespect their autoblogs, it starts with the thinking "let the donkey work as hard as it can, if it fails not too bad, let it die, anyway I like horses better".

The fact that a blog is automatic doesn't mean you don't need to put some effort and thinking in its design, niche selection, keyword selection and the most important thing:


Myth - long tail keyword don't need
SEO they will be ranked high cause they are long tail, since autoblogs aim to long tails, no need to SEO it = BULL****.

The reason MOST of us fail/failed in autoblogging is because we didn't do enough (or at all)

Can you imagine creating a money site, writing good content, thinking about it, loving and caring it and after its online doing none/almost none
SEO and expecting to earn money from it?

Today I know that autoblogging is one of the easiest ways to earn money online (the fact its the easiest doen't mean it is easy...
), but like in ANY buisness you need to do it right.

In autoblogging there are several things you need to do right. As I wrote I started from information of the internet, it is loaded with it, but knowing what I went through on my journey to a successful autoblog net, and reading what people are talking about, I'm sure most of the "things you should do to success in autoblogging" are done by most people. Most people don't go the one (or two) extra step needed to make this beast work properly.

Today I have my autoblogging empire, my average income is 10$/day/blog, it happened when I started respecting my autoblogs, this respect made me put some effort into them, small effort that made the difference, one of the most important things I did is to put some
SEO into them.

SEO your autoblogs and they will pay you for it

I don't want to sound like you can create an autoblog and all you need to do is to
SEO it and your troubles are over, FAR from it.

I say you need to do it right, I say it is not rocket science to create a good autoblog, but still it requires some knowledge and effort. I say after you have an autoblog think - if it was my money site, what extras would I do?

I can keep on bubbling about autoblogs endlessly, but there is too much to say, most/all of it was already written in this blog, but if you guys want to shoot me with some questions, I'll

try to help... After all I owe my blogs success to all of you.


  1. I'll try to use this in my own blog!

  2. Something I hadn't considered, thanks for sharing!

  3. How exactly do you SEO an autoblog?

  4. It's always good to have an extra income :D

  5. definitely looking into this. i dont necessarily like the idea of paying an SEO but im sure i could laern how to optimize my site myself

  6. these are some excellent tips for those who didn't already know, there are a good bunch of SEO programs available out there which can help you out too (though some will push you in the wrong direction at times)

    great post, keep it coming chief


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