Monday, May 23, 2011

Strategies to increase conversions of organic keywords

After a week of website exposure via the different search engine optimization strategies, you will be able to bring in traffic into your website and that is when you need to get real busy by using Google Analytics or any other tracking tool to determine how your advertising fronts are doing in terms of driving traffic to your website and at the same time knowing the kind of traffic that is coming in. Your organic keywords are the bait that reels in the traffic and it would do you good to determine how each of these keywords are performing and which ones that you have chosen produce more results than the rest.

Knowing which specific organic keywords are really bringing in the proper targeted traffic will help you increase your conversion rates and eventually raise your website revenue generation. And In order to track your conversions via the use of your organic keywords do the following:

You first have to carefully select your keywords which are also your traffic sources. With the right keywords, you will also get the right kind of traffic, and reversely, choose the wrong one and all you will get is traffic with a very low conversion rate.

After laying out your keywords and placing them where they would be more effective, set a specific time frame for the usage of the keywords selected and the ideal exposure would be from 3 months up to half a year and that would be more than enough to determine whether the keyword that you chose will perform or not (bring in traffic and conversions at the same time). Once you have seen the statistics, then you can decide whether to maintain the current keyword or replace it with a new one.

On the options, select “Show: non-paid”. And then afterwards, click on either the Ecommerce tab of the Goal set tab and if you want to sort visits, you only have to click on the column title and this is quite important so that you would be able to sort the data in many ways and be able to interpret the many facets of your online campaign.

With a competent tracking tool, you would surely be able to see on what specific points of your campaign you need to get a move on and on what portions you need to maintain status quo since you are already doing perfectly well on that end. Without a monitoring setup, you would be campaigning blind, not knowing where you stand now and what the real status of your online company is.

With the proper tracking tool, you would be able to determine which steps you have to take next and what other options you have to mitigate on certain online advertising situations. And that is the reason why tracking is very essential in search engine optimization.


  1. this is a very interesting read i like the way you have highlighted important parts thank you

  2. very nice tips. I really need to get more into this. Thanks. :)


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