Thursday, May 26, 2011

The magic formula to make $10 - $20 a day with CPA Networks

I decided to share this valuable free information with all buddys: If you want to finally make money promoting CPA offers, then read how I started my career in CPA marketing. 

Now I had some unique and profitable strategy that will help you to kick-start your career in the CPA marketing.

1. Sign up first for some cpa marketing company

2. Choose an offer or offers

3. We are going to be focusing on creating a wordpress site for FREE things I.e. people type things like “free Adwords codes” on Google all the time. I use this tool from Wordtracker to help me find out what people are actually typing on Google.

There are an insane amount of different “free” searches people are typing on Google. Let's pick one at random.

For example, “free printable grocery coupons” is a popular search phrase according to WordTracker. If we look at the competition on Google you will see there are over a million results and it would be fairly easy to be able to rank on the first page.

Create a simple wordpress blog, but do not forget to include some keywords in titles and headlines.

The concept is simple. People who want “free printable grocery coupons” will come on this website, follow the simple instructions and then complete the offer.This is a great way to 'entice' the person
to fill the offer.

You can do this same concept with other “free” phrases people are searching for. For example, free movies, free movie downloads. Basically anything you can think of that something people would want. And the beauty of this method is that it will never get saturated as long as you are within the radar and are careful.

Here are some other markets you can exploit with this method:

Free DVD Horror Movies
Free Mp3
Free Games

Even if you have a blog with 100 people seeing it every day and only 7-10% complete an offer, then you will have around $10-$20 at the end of the day. Let´s say you have 10 blogs and post great content every day. You have then around $100-$200 every day or $3000 - $6000 a month. Isn´t it great?!

I hope you enjoyed this short post and now can get to work!

Believe me if you start using this method you can generate good commissions very quickly.

To Your Success!


  1. I would do that as a side job to a career, not for a living. Interesting way to make decent money though.

  2. 100 to 200 a day...
    I really should try this.

  3. wow they're impressive earnings

  4. yeah i want to win that money! xD
    help me bro :)

  5. I'm doubtful, but it was a good read.

  6. a need to leran this thing fast, i could use the money


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