Saturday, May 28, 2011

Master SEO Sheet REVEALED!

I've been focusing on SEO this month for my blog, and want to share an important and necessary recipe for SEO success that I've been using.

I want to share to you today, what I believe to be a complete ON PAGE SEO strategy that will help anyone progress towards acheieving first rank on the Google search engine. I've studied these techniques of which I am about to share with you today, from multiple top level internet marketing gurus on the web! 

Here are some important and necessary search engine optimization tips, in order to increase search engine rankings on Google!

Here is YOUR Master SEO Sheet!

1) Place Main Keywords In Domain Name

2) Main Keywords Placed In Home Title Tag 2 Times

3) Main Keywords Placed In H1, H2, H3 Tags

4) Inlcude Main Keywords In Beggining Of First Sentence Of Each Paragraph

5) Inlcude Main Keywords In Last Sentence Of Each Paragrapsh

6) Keyword Density Of 3% Of Entire Post

7) Use Main Keywords On Site As Anchor Text Linking To Another Internal Page Of Website In Each Post

8) Use Main Keywords As Anchor Text Linking To An Authority Site. Use A No Follow Tag.

9) Remove Every Other Link On Your Website Besides Affiliate Products And Links Mentioned Above.

10) Bold, Italicise, Or Underline Main Keyword Once In Each Of Your Posts.

11) Add An "alt" Tag With Main Keyword Included In Each Image.

12) Optimize Names Of Each Image On All Posts

13) Create 850-1,000 Word Posts.

Please be sure to note that these SEO tips are ON PAGE SEO strategies; and that key ingredients to first page rankings on Google also require Off Page SEO, which includes high quality link building.


  1. Thanks! i shall use these tips one day

  2. Great tips, I'll try to implement these.

  3. Thanks for the tips, can you write something about backlinks ?

  4. Interesting, thanks for advices.

  5. So if i"m writing a blog post about..say phones, in the beginning of the post I write phones, telecommunication, at&t and stuff like that? Thats going to look kinda weird..

  6. Hi there, just one quick question:

    what is SEO?

  7. These will definitely help me out with my search engine results!

  8. This is some helpful information thanks.

  9. great recession-proof advice, thank you so much

    follow back!

  10. Interesting to know. Following for more.

  11. thanks for the tips, followed!

  12. alright im gonna try these out if i stop being a lazy dick

  13. Thanks man! I'm going to try them out now!

  14. Thanks for the info, will try this out in my next blog

  15. awesome tips, hop on over to my blog to check out what my awesome life is like!

  16. THANK YOU for posting this!! i just started bloggin and need all the help i can get!


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