Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Favorite Marketing Model

Article Marketing
I publish to the main hubs, then I push links to those pages to grab more market share via Google.

Video Marketing
I publish my video's to the main hubs, then push links to them so they start ranking for competitive keywords

Media Buying
Once I have my ads created I go to the major media networks and start buying ad space. You can find cheap ad space that targets your market specifically, especially if you go direct with that publisher. I just recently got hundreds of thousands of impressions for only $300, which couldn't target my market any more.

PPC - Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Myspace
Grab all my keywords I want to target for Google and Yahoo! and drive traffic to landing page. For Facebook/Myspace, target my key demographic (learn how to do this...know your market, most don't know who they're targeting, just the "type" of person) and send them to landing page as well.

Send All Traffic to Capture Page
I send all traffic to landing page to capture email address then forward to sales page, if they buy, they're taken off the first list. If they don't, then I send follow-up emails to close the deal.

Then it's just a rinse and repeat when going into other markets, while creating bigger and better products within the current niches I'm in.

I also use some of the other tactics above, but the ones I outlines bring in the most traffic, specifically when they start to rank in Google.

PS - Once you've capped out with these methods, then next plan is go to the CPA networks and then blow it out of the water with traffic.

PSS - Don't forget to use direct mail to drive visitors and sales.


  1. I love video marketing. Youtube has a great amount of incoming traffic. 9/10


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